Suzuki lessons are given priority in the studio schedule. Lesson times are available in the early afternoon to coordinate with half-day preschool schedules. Morning lessons are also available upon request!

Lesson tuition is paid on a monthly basis to best tailor to your schedule. Consult the studio calendar for monthly tuition deadlines.

Group class is part of the Suzuki approach and offers students opportunities to review repertoire, explore different styles of music, learn music theory, and prepare for performances. During the early months of instruction, parents attend adults-only classes which focus on developing their skills as “home teachers.” Group class tuition is $250 per year for 2 parent classes and 13 partner/group classes.

New students pay a one-time administrative fee. Contact for current pricing!

30-minute private violin lesson

Recommended for students ages 4 to 6. A portion of these lessons is devoted to the parent “mini-lesson.”

45-minute private violin or viola lesson

Recommended for elementary school-age children. Parent “mini-lessons” continue as necessary throughout these lessons. Suzuki viola available to graduates of Suzuki Violin Book 1.

60-minute private violin or viola lesson

Recommended for middle school-age children and older. Parent “mini-lesson” continue upon request. Parent Q&A is encouraged.

15-minute private violin lesson

For students under the age of 4, these twice-weekly lessons introduce little minds and bodies to the violin.

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