Very few parts of our culture encourage parents and children to plan for the long-term, and instrumental music education is one of those exceptional parts. When you spend money on a violin or viola, you’re not just paying for the equipment. You’re investing in your child’s ability to grow, create, and cultivate their talent. High quality equipment plants the seeds of expectation in the mind of your child. An instrument with beautiful tone will support your child’s efforts in ways that lower-quality construction cannot.

If you are not a professional musician, you may have a difficult time identifying exceptional tone or solid craftsmanship, especially when it comes to fractional-size instruments. The button above will bring you to the website of Potter Violins in Takoma Park, MD. The luthiers at Potter’s are skilled in pairing students with the best quality instrument within their budget. When the time comes to purchase an instrument, a personal relationship with a shop is an important first step.

Think you found a great deal at another company? Ask me for my purchasing checklist, a list of questions to consider while shopping for your “forever instrument.”