Traditional instruction is available for school-aged children, teens, and adults either in-person or via Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime. Traditional instruction works to develop technical skill through use of scale systems, etudes, and solo repertoire. This type of instruction is recommended for students in upper-elementary, middle, and high school grades as well as for adults. Parents are encouraged to observe these lessons!

Traditional lessons are typically scheduled on weekdays in the late afternoon/evening.

New students pay a one-time administrative fee. Contact for current pricing!

 60-minute private violin/viola lesson

45-minute private violin/viola lesson

30-minute private violin/viola lesson

60-minute drop-in* OR Skype lesson — $80/hr

45-minute drop-in* OR Skype lesson — $70/lesson

*Families with variable schedules or who do not wish to pre-pay for lessons in advance may opt to “Drop-in” for lessons 1-4 times per month. Consistency is essential for progress in instrumental study. Students are encouraged to attend lessons on a weekly basis rather than “drop-in” study, even if the lesson length is shorter.

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